This course from The Wellness Institute empowers middle- and high-school students with essential life skills for emotional well-being. Cultivating Resilience is an evidence-based, Judaism-inspired Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that addresses all CASEL’s core social and emotional competencies while teaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills proven to build resilience, helping students survive, and thrive with life’s inevitable adversities.

Cultivating Resilience was developed as a collaboration between leading resilience researchers, experts in pedagogy and curriculum development, and experienced classroom teachers. It empowers ordinary classroom teachers to present critical resiliency skills in eighteen immersive lessons. This course uses hands-on activities, multimedia resources, and lively discussions to ensure students grasp critical concepts, practice cognitive skills, and are ready to apply them to their everyday lives.

Target Competencies: 

      • Self-Awareness
      • Emotion Regulation
      • Mental Agility
      • Optimism
      • Strength of Character
      • Connection

Course Components include:
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Teacher’s Manual

Student Journal

Student Handouts and Scenario Cards

PowerPoint and Videos

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