A Conversation With Dr. Tamar Chansky, A World-Renowned Expert on Anxiety in Children

About this event
Child anxiety is one of the leading issues parents are dealing with today. Many parents are at a loss for how to help their children out of the anxiety they are experiencing.

In our most recent survey, child anxiety was the #1 requested topic.

We’ve created the opportunity to hear from Dr. Tamar Chansky, psychologist and world expert in the field of child anxiety.

About Dr. Tamar Chansky
Dr. Tamar Chansky is a celebrated psychologist, author and speaker; she earned her Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and received her Doctoral Degree in the Temple University Clinical Psychology Program. Dr. Chansky founded the Children’s and Adult Center for OCD and Anxiety in 1999.

Currently, Dr. Chansky treats children and adults with anxiety disorders as well as giving trainings to parents and professionals. Dr. Chansky is the author of the popular, Freeing Your Child series, including ‘Freeing Your Child from OCD’, ‘Freeing Your Child from Anxiety’, ‘Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking’, and a book for adults: ‘Freeing Yourself from Anxiety’. Dr. Chansky works with children as young as three years old and with adults of all ages.

Join us on September 15th to have the oppurtunity to hear from and interact with Dr. Chansky yourself!