The Wellness Institute invites you to a live training with Guy Diamond, PhD, developer of Attachment-Based Family Therapy for suicide prevention.

Dr. Diamond is a leading expert in adolescent and family psychotherapy and will share his skills and philosophies to help guide parents through difficult moments when their children struggle emotionally. At this training, you will learn how to provide a secure base for your child , even during an emotional storm.

Helping adolescents when they struggle emotionally can be difficult. If we say too much, we are intruding; if we don’t say enough, we are neglectful. How should parents position themselves? How do we provide support but also provide structure? How do we protect them but still respect them? There is no one answer to every situation but there are some basic skills and philosophies that can help guide parents through these difficult moments. Dr. Diamond is a leading world expert in adolescent and family psychotherapy. He will share some of his ideas to help parents provide a secure base, even during an emotional storm.

This event is produced by The Wellness Institute, a division of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI).


About Dr. Guy Diamond:

Guy Diamond, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling and Family Therapy in the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University and the director of the Center for Family Intervention Science (CFIS). He is a family intervention clinical trials researcher with a focus on family therapy for youth suicide. Since its inception, CFIS has been fully funded with up to 22 staff and has brought in over $30,000,000 of funding from NIMH, SAMSHA, CDC, CSAT and several private foundations. CFIS is dedicated to the development, testing and dissemination of family-based treatments for diverse samples of depressed and suicidal youth and their parents. In this capacity, he has overseen the design, implementation and dissemination of over 15 clinical trial studies. Diamond’s primary work has been in the area of youth suicide prevention and treatment research. On the prevention side, he has created a program focused on training, screening and triage to be implemented in non-behavioral health settings. On the treatment side, Diamond is the primary developer of attachment-based family therapy, specially developed and tested for treating youth depression and suicide. Most of his research career has focused on working with low-income disadvantaged youth and families.