The Explosive Child: Collaborative & Proactive Solutions to Out-of-Control Behavior
with Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model.

Dr. Greene’s collaborative, non-punitive, non-adversarial approach helps parents reduce conflict, enhance parent-child communication, and forge a partnership with their kids, and also helps foster skills on the more positive side of human nature: empathy, appreciating how one’s behavior is affecting others, resolving disagreements in ways that do not involve conflict, taking another’s perspective, and honesty.

Learning Objectives:
– Describe the five paradigm shifts/key themes of the CPS model, and how the model focuses on problems (and solving them) rather than on the behaviors that are being caused by those problems (and modifying them); the advantages of collaborative (rather than unilateral) problem solving; and the importance of proactive (rather than reactive) intervention.
– Describe the three basic mechanisms by which adults handle unsolved problems and unmet expectations in kids (Plans A, B, and C) and what is accomplished by each

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Ross Greene is the New York Times bestselling author of the influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Raising Human Beings, and Lost & Found.

He is the originator of the innovative, evidence-based approach called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) described in these books. The CPS model provides a compassionate, accurate understanding of kids with concerning behaviors and a non-punitive, non-adversarial approach for reducing those behaviors, solving problems, enhancing skills, improving communication, and repairing relationships. Dr. Greene also developed and executive produced the award-winning feature-length documentary The Kids We Lose, a film about the counterproductive, often inhumane ways in which kids with concerning behaviors are treated — treatment that often pushes them into the pipeline to prison — and the difficulties and frustrations often faced by their parents, educators, and other caregivers (learn more at

Dr. Greene was on the faculty at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years, and is now founding director of the non-profit Lives in the Balance (, which provides free, web-based resources on the CPS approach and advocates on behalf of kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges and their caregivers. He is also adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech and adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Greene and his colleagues consult extensively to families, schools, and treatment facilities, and lecture widely throughout the world. He has been featured in a wide range of media, including The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, The Morning Show, National Public Radio, The Atlantic, Mother Jones magazine, and various professional journals. He lives in Freeport, Maine.