About this event
Being a parent and a caregiver of a neurodivergent child can be challenging and overwhelming. They display many “abnormal behaviors,” may struggle to communicate their emotions, needs, and wants, and have difficulty relating to others and understanding the world around them.

Many people approach Neurodivergent children by trying to fix and eliminate their “abnormal behavior.” Dr. Barry Prizant thinks otherwise.

Uniquely Human: Understanding and supporting neurodivergent children (ASD, ADHD, OCD, Tourette Syndrome, and others)
with a leading authority in Autism and Neurodivergence, Dr. Barry Prizant.
Dr. Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., has over 50 years of experience in autism and neurodivergence and has developed the SCERTS model and the Uniquely Human approach. He believes that understanding how neurodivergent children brains’ function and why they do the things they do can guide parents and caregivers be there for them in the best way possible.

Parents and Teachers will learn a new perspective and vital insights on how to support neurodivergent children and discover strategies for school and home environments that will help neurodivergent children succeed.

Educational Objectives:

1. Participants will be able to identify three behavioral patterns in autism that have been inaccurately identified as “deviant” rather than “unique”, and will apply treatment implications of this new perspective.

2. Participants will identify and apply strategies to support students and parents in schools and at home that emphasize a uniquely human perspective.

Produced by the Wellness Institute, a division of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI)

Speaker Bio

Barry M. Prizant, PhD, CCC-SLP, is among the world’s leading authorities on autism, and is recognized as an innovator of respectful, person- and family-centered approaches for individuals with autism and neurodevelopmental disabilities. With close to fifty years of experience as a scholar, researcher, and international consultant, he is an adjunct professor of communication disorders at the University of Rhode Island, a certified speech-language pathologist and director of Childhood Communication Services, a private practice. Barry is coauthor of The SCERTS Model: A Comprehensive Educational Approach, now being implemented in more than a dozen countries.

He has published four books, more than 130 articles and chapters and has received many awards, including the Honors of the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (their highest recognition), the Princeton University Eden Foundation career award in autism and the “Divine Neurotypical Award” of GRASP, the world’s largest autistic self-advocacy organization. He has been a two time featured presenter at the United Nations on World Autism Awareness Day.

Barry lives in Cranston, Rhode Island, with his wife, Dr. Elaine Meyer, a clinical psychologist and nurse, and Associate Professor in the Harvard Medical School. Barry is a performing percussionist and has a specific interest in the impact of the arts on enhancing quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families. He sits on the boards of two inclusive theatre companies co-founded by and including autistic actors.