About this event
Post-Covid, anxiety, and depression have shot up and general mental health has plummeted.

Join us on Tuesday, November 1st – 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM PDT to hear from Dr. Andrew Shatte world-renowned speaker and writer as we explore integral Emotional Regulation Skills.

Learn how to build your child’s emotional regulation by identifying and challenging the thoughts and beliefs that trigger their strong emotional responses.

About Dr. Andrew Shatté:
Dr. Andrew Shatté is the founder and President of Phoenix Life Academy, a training company that specializes in measuring and training for resilience. He is in high demand as a speaker and has delivered over 1,000 keynote speeches and addresses to large corporate audiences over the last decade. He is the Chief Science Officer with meQuilibrium, an online stress management company.

A Ph.D. psychologist, Dr. Shatté received his training at the University of Pennsylvania where in 2003 he was voted best professor by the students . He and his colleagues were the first to develop the principles of resilience and apply them to the corporate sector.

Dr. Shatté is a Research Professor at the Medical School of the University of Arizona. He is co-author of The Resilience Factor, published by Random House in 2002 and re-released in a new edition in 2010. He also co-authored meQuilibrium, a Random House book on resilience and stress.