We know that a parent’s effectiveness in lovingly setting limits with their child directly impacts their child’s overall well-being yet most parents struggle with this.

Dr. Brenner is a leading parenting expert whose “connect before you correct” method has helped countless parents build a strong relationship with their children as a foundation of understanding and trust for effective connection and limit-setting with their child.

About Dr. Mark L. Brenner
Known as ‘The Family Whisperer,’ Dr. Mark L. Brenner is one of the most respected Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the field of early childhood development, adolescence, and high-conflict family issues. He is an adjunct professor of psychology at Pepperdine University in California. Dr. Mark L. Brenner is the author of When “NO” Gets You Nowhere, Raising an Adult, and Reset: The Playbook to Transform All Parenting Relationships.