The Joy of Being You

The Joy of Being You:
Finding a Self-Concept of Happiness

Staying positive about life means staying positive about ourselves. In this lesson, we look at the importance of nurturing a healthy self-concept and how to avoid negative feelings about ourselves.

Skills Learned:
– Self-esteem and positive self-image
– Appreciating inherent worth
– Judging ourselves favorably
– Not defining ourselves by our failures
– Living for a purpose greater than ourselves

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The Happiness Hack
Full Series Description

It’s a question that has launched a thousand self-help seminars, a mystery as old as time itself: How do we beat the game of life when we’re down? How can we overcome so much toxicity and find the path to emotional wellbeing?

Jewish thought has long emphasized the importance of living a wholesome, happy, and resilient life. Famously, we have survived perhaps more challenges than any other civilization in history. But how? What’s the secret to this incredible joyful resilience?

This enlightening series goes beneath the surface to find answers. Synthesizing timeless Jewish wisdom and the latest findings from the field of positive psychology, we look at how wealth, meaning, trust, optimism, mindfulness, and relationships, all interrelate with our outlook on life. But most importantly, you will discover that the key to emotional wellbeing lies within you already-deep in your soul. It’s right there, and it will now be yours for the taking.

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