TWI 2024-25 Complete Events Package

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This product includes the Fall, Winter & Spring Series 2024-25.
The series feature 9 events on the topics below.
Speakers and dates will be updated as they are confirmed.


Fall Series
September 10, 2024: Parenting Anxious Kids with Dr. Regine Galanti
October 9, 2024: Emotion Regulation Skills with Dr. Jennifer Hartstein
November 19, 2024: From Loneliness to Interpersonal Success with Dr. Anne Marie Albano

Winter Series
December 17, 2024: How To Stop A Bully with Dr. Brooks Gibbs
January 15, 2024: Resilience Skills for Dealing with Antisemitism with Dr. Andrew Shatte & Zalman Abraham
February: The “Growth Mindset”: CBT Skills That Build Confidence

Spring Series
March: Effective Parenting & Discipline
April: How to Teach Healthy Social Media Use
May: Understanding Neurodivergent Children

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This product includes nine events split into 3 series. Please see an overview of each series of events below.
Speakers and dates will be updated as they are confirmed.

Fall series overview:
Join us for a comprehensive overview of Emotion Regulation. Learn the fundamentals of DBT and helpful techniques for managing social anxiety. These powerful skills can go a long way in helping your child thrive at home and school.

Winter series overview:
More than ever, today’s youth are stressed and failing to launch in real life. Learn practical insights on how to give your children the skills they need to succeed even in tough times and show up with confidence. In today’s morally adverse world, learn how to raise a proud Jew, one that is resilient against the tides of antisemitism.

Spring series overview:
“Big Parenting Ideas” will explore important parenting fundamentals catered to the modern parent. Learn the art of effective discipline, how to impart healthy social media habits, and tools for parenting a neurodivergent child.