Suicidal urges come and go. Most people do not take a lot of time to plan out a suicide attempt. By safely storing or removing guns, prescription meds and other deadly items, you can take steps to create a Suicide Safe environment.


Gun safety impacts suicide prevention.

Half of all suicide deaths in the U.S. involve a firearm. Men are more likely to use a gun to attempt suicide. Take these steps to keep loved ones safe:

  • Encourage your friends to store their guns safety and securely, locked and unloaded.
  • Help friends remove guns from their home when they are in crisis, until the danger subsides. Help them get the support they need.
  • Firearm retailers and range owners can help! Their ongoing contact with the firearms-owning community makes these organizations uniquely able to help prevent suicide. Visit the AFSP Project 2025 website for more information.


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